"Sana does a thorough job helping people with their fashion needs. She works within the budget of each individual. She also has a wonderful personality & shows compassion to her clients."

-Susan H.

​"My daughter needed some help updating her look, she needed something fresh and appropriate for college next year. Sana was amazing. She was very relatable for my teen. She offered my teen great suggestions and spruced up her wardrobe. She convinced my daughter to try items normally wouldn't have tried. My teen was very happy with the results and it was a definite boost to her self-confidence. My daughter and I are very pleased with the results and highly recommend the services of Sana. She also has a very gracious demeanor and even those of us who are lacking in fashion feel very comfortable with her. "

-Theresa S.

​"My husband got me a shopping session with Sana as a birthday gift. It was the most fun shopping that I've ever had. (I hate clothes shopping). She was friendly, personable and made me feel at ease. She helped me strategize and pick out the types of clothes that work best on my body. She also helped me dispel some misconceptions I had about my figure. Even better, she gave me advice on what to focus on shopping for next, so I can keep building my wardrobe. Very worth the time and expense, IMO."

-Caroline O.

What my clients have to say.....

​"Sana was truly amazing! She was able to give me an objective view of my closet, AND we had so much fun! Looking forward to our shopping day together. Such an amazing service and extremely valuable! Highly recommend."

-Jenessa G.

​"I just met Sana yesterday. She was a gift to me from my husband for my birthday! She helped me step outside my typical style and showed me what I needed to round out my closet! She's so warm and personable, and most importantly honest about how things look on your body. I'm going to enjoy wearing all the new pieces she helped me pick out that I would never have tried on without her guidance. Hoping I can work with her again sometime! I would definitely recommend her."

-Stephanie M.

​"Sana is my favorite person for personal style shopping. My experience was the best. Her honesty, passion, an respectfulness was one of the best things about my experience. My budget was always her first priority. She introduced me to styles that looked really good, that I wouldn't have considered wearing without her influence. She is such a fun person to be around. She was really understanding of what I liked, and what she liked, and how both of our styles could combine together to create an amazing look. If you're in need of help or advice on what to wear, and when to wear it, go to her. I promise your experience will be inspirational. Not only will she make you look good, you will feel more confident with yourself while looking amazing. Anytime I need help finding the perfect look, I would go to her, day in day out."

-Austin S.

​"I'm starting a new job next week and needed a more professional wardrobe. I reached out to Sana based on her Yelp reviews and was not disappointed. We scheduled a Half-Day Shopping Excursion and met at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The four hours flew by. Sana immediately got to know me and my style. She was able to choose things that are appropriate for the office and yet still let me be myself. Sana is able to strike a balance between feeling like you're shopping with a best friend and complete professionalism. I look forward to the next time I get to shop with Sana."

-Sadie C.

Style by Sana


​"My shopping experience with Sana was eye-opening and fun. She is an expert in her field and gave helpful, long term advice. We chatted about fashion as we shopped, and she helped me step outside my usual safe, neutral choices. I feel like i now know more about what's better for my body type and lifestyle and will make wiser purchases in the future. Looking forward to my next shop with Sana."

-Michelle V.

​"Sana was great when I worked with her. She knows how to make you feel really comfortable and I have had so much fun with her. She is great at what she does and really knows how to make you feel and look beautiful. She did wonders for my closet, it's so organized. I also learned a lot from her about styling and now a days, I am always getting compliments! Thanks Sana!"

-Donna M.